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Half Shadows is inspired by Haruki Murakami's 2002 novel Kafka, On The Shore, and stays largely in the realm of the experimental hip-hop of her earlier work, albeit with a new focus on poppy hooks. It's a collaboration-heavy affair, featuring, among others, NYC duo MNDR, rapper Kool Keith and vocalists Jesse Boykins III, Andreya Triana and Gavin Turek.

01. The Center
02. The Force feat. Kool Keith
03. 808
04. Focused Chaos
05. Clean Slate feat. Gavin Turek
06. Foolish feat. Gavin Turek
07. Go With It feat. MNDR
08. Spilling Autumn
09. Sweet Williams
10. Soul To Seoul
11. Green feat. Andreya Triana
12. Waiting For The Break Of Dawn
13. Moon Rise feat. Jesse Boykins III
14. Bridges To Nowhere (Bonus Track)

***Includes bonus Analogue Monsta 'Boom' CD with purchase***