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This eclectic pair, made up of Suzi Analogue and TOKiMONSTA, is a duo of rank. Their collective background of hip-hop, psych rock, R&B and electronic has blown both minds and speakers alike. By pairing radio accessibility with radical thinking they’ve managed to created a classic with a twist hybrid that landed their very first single, NXT MSG on BBC Radio 1. (2xLP 10" Vinyl)

***Includes bonus Analogue Monsta 'Boom' CD with purchase***

Side A
1. 1st Boom
2. Nxt Msg (Deletion Mix)
3. 2nd Boom
Side B
4. Conversion Theory
5. Time To
6. 3rd Boom
Side C
7. So Ridiculous
8. Collection Plate
9. 4th Boom
Side D
10. Mind Of
11. Push On